Good news. US immigration laws allow citizens and legal permanent residents to bring family members to the United States under sponsorship programs. Family sponsorship is one of the most often used ways to obtain green cards. Green card holders themselves can sponsor a spouse or child to be granted legal entrance into the US, where citizens can sponsor parents, spouses, children and even siblings under current immigration law. Allowances for other relatives as well, but wait periods are often much longer as they are placed lower in priority than with immediate family members.

Filing a petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the first step to obtaining a green card for your family member. An Affidavit of Support for each family member will also need to be submitted, proving you are willing to provide financial support for those relatives.

At Tramites USA, we can help by completing those documents with you. With our keen eye for detail, we strive to ensure that no omissions occur, which only serve to slow down the process. Understanding the specifications and requirements for submittal, we’ll leave nothing to chance by ensuring that each form is completed to meet the government’s very strict regulations and standards.

Staffed with Spanish-speaking interpreters, we ensure a stress-free process by handling all paperwork while acting as your personal advocate, recommending expert legal representation as needed. Alleviate your stress by allowing us the opportunity of helping your loved one gain admission into this country. Contact us now to get started.