Maria Victoria Jimenez stated that she is a nonlawyer and may not give legal advice, cannot tell me what my rights or remedies are, cannot tell me how to testify in court, and cannot represent me in court.


Rule 10-2.1(b) of the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar defines a paralegal as a person who works under the supervision of a member of The Florida Bar and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a member of The Florida Bar is responsible. Only persons who meet the definition may call themselves paralegals.


 Maria Victoria Jimenez has informed me that she is not a paralegal as defined by the rule and cannot call herself a paralegal.


Maria Victoria Jimenez told me that she may only type the factual information provided by me in writing into the blanks on the form.


Maria Victoria Jimenez may not help me fill in the form and may not complete the form for me. If using a form approved by the Supreme Court of Florida, Maria Victoria Jimenez may ask me factual questions to fill in the blanks on the form and may also tell me how to file the form.